Social Responsability


Cartonajes Barco cuida el medio ambiente

Our process is eco-friendly

  • Our boxes are made from recycled paper (70%) and from sustainable forest (30%).
  • We optimize the resources to minimize the consumption of raw materials and thus reduce CO2 emissions.
  • We use raw materials with low environmental impact.
  • The final product is 100% recyclable, biodegradable,renewable and natural.

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Health and Safety

Cartonajes Barco imagen seguridad

In Cartonajes Barco,safety and occupational health are part of the overall mangement of our company.

We consider a priority the action in this area, for our own staff and partners, in order to work in a safe environment, relaying on a strategy of reducing accidents based on:

  • Training and motivation.
  • Technical improvements.
  • Risk prevention department.

Working together for risk prevention, we all win.

Social Responsability

Cartonajes Barco imagen responsabilidad social

The contribution of our work also adds.

From Cartonajes Barco we contribute for human development, through the commitment of the company toward its employees, costumers, suppliers, the local community and society at large through various actions and always based on ethics.


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